Tony Stark of Winterfell

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  1. Ivan says:

    Hello Khasis, Your artwork is amazing! This piece especially, It has a big following on the internet but as it’s being shared around, nobody knows who the artist was and after a little digging i found you. You should broadcast this and your other work more and let people know it’s yours, because it is truely fantastic. Do you sell prints at all? I’d love to have this on my wall.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Khasis says:

      Hey Ivan, thank you very much.
      Actually i’ve seen that the image was quite a hit on the internet, but you know how it works, you post it on several websites, with my name, and little step at a time, it’s on many website without my name.
      I don’t really know how to prevent this. I’ve tried to put my name on site i’ve found, but i can’t be everywhere.
      Thank you really much for searching me and finding me, much appreciated.

      I actually sell some prints here :
      I will put my other pieces in the current month or so.

      Thanks again, and if ou find some website with my work on, please let me know by mail.


  2. Nora says:


    I first saw this on DeviantArt and followed it to your website. It’s an absolutely beautiful work. I was wondering if you’d be able to but into your Society6 account? I’d love to buy it as an art print 🙂

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